Amber Weir

Event Planner

I am an event planner with over 15 years experience producing high quality and mission-driven events.


My current consulting focus is working with mission-driven companies to plan and produce thoughtful events that further drive their brand and purpose. From local non-profits to industry leaders, my ideal clients are socially and environmentally conscious.

After planning hundreds of weddings, I realized that there were fundamental things I had figured out along the way that could easily be taught. Donewell's goal is simple: equip couples with knowledge and tools so they enjoy the process of planning their own successful wedding.

Started in 2008, Amber Weir Weddings & Events was an event planning company focused on producing personalized weddings and social events. In 2021, I transitioned to helping couples through online courses (see Donewell) and am no longer taking wedding planning clients.


Amber Weir brings two decades of events planning experience, which began in San Diego and is now based in Santa Barbara County and Ventura County. Amber Weir has a BA in Sociology of the Workplace and a professional degree in Meeting & Event Planning from San Diego State University.


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